Few take the time to understand how money is created, as the majority trade finite years for it to aid their survival and fulfil their dreams and desires. The education system, media, and general characteristics of human nature mask us from appreciating the implications of central banks, centralised power, and the debt-driven Keynesian models of economics by which they operate, and how their monetary policy affects our experience of life. I highly recommend watching this video before continuing the read. It highlights the history and implications of ‘fiat’ money. Money that is derived from debt and created by central banks.

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

The Pandemic has overshadowed a lot of things this year but one thing I think shouldn’t be overlooked is the accelerated financial revolution taking place under the nose of mainstream culture. And how this revolution could impact financial freedom in the 21st century.

The prevailing financial narrative of 2020 is the economic crisis caused by the pandemic; while it’s true the pandemic has many people struggling, it is also true that people from the same economic class are richer than they’ve ever been. The only difference being the access and application of knowledge and information.

This is not financial advice


Documenting the impact of software on economics and our way of life.

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